Rugged Computing Services
Rugged Computing Services

1) Custom Cloud-based Software & App

- Do you want to be able to capture certain information from the field, store it in your database, link it with your other database or software?
- Do you want to streamline your operation? Shorten the length of time and the steps your business needs to take to perform tasks, services and processes?
- Do you want to improve the productivity of your staff, not by more expensive training courses but by making use of software that is designed to perform their tasks faster and more efficient?
-) Do you want your staff to be able to access the software even when they're not in the office?

Using a robust and scalable cloud-based infrastructure platform, we build custom mobile software and app solutions for your business to achieve the above. Contact us to discuss your questions and requirements.

2) General (and the not so general) IT Supply

Even though we specialise in Rugged Computers, we also provide quality General IT supply for your business as well. We also provide the "not so general" IT supply and can help you find hard to find spare parts and other random things that you might be looking for.
If you:
* prefer the old fashion concierge-level customer service with a smile.
* value your time.
* prefer to speak with the same reliable person from inquiry to post-sales service.
* appreciate the little things that make big differences such as speaking to the same person with your inquiry that remembers your name or your preferences or what you have said previously.
* are against businesses that are quick to over-promise and under-deliver.
* want peace of mind in business transactions.
* like things to get done right the first time.
* want things delivered on time every time.
If you are of the above, we would like to hear from you.

Example of General IT Supply: PC, Laptop, Server, Printer, Scanner, Display, Storage Device, Network Device, Security Device, Telephony Device, Camera, Cable, Converter, Software License, Software Subscription, Consumables, Memory, Hard Drive, Accessories and Spare Parts.

3) Pre-Deployment Services

Before you even receive your order, we can provide some pre-deployment services so that all you need to do when you open the box is use the product straight away.
-) DOA check
-) Firmware/BIOS Update and Software (OS and 3rd party) Imaging
-) Product Labeling and Tagging
-) Product Documentation
-) Onsite Hardware Installation
Contact us to get this services applied to your order.

4) Hardware End-of-Life Services

When your computers and other IT hardware has reached their end of life we can take over the process of decommissioning them for you and give you the peace of mind that your hardware will be decommissioned properly. From hard drive data destruction or physical destruction of HDD/Tape/Media, physical transport from your location to recycling/landfill facility, providing official certificates, cashback for hardware remarketing, etc.
Contact us with your requirements.

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