Rugged Computing is a leading specialist of rugged computing devices in Australia.  We are one of the few Panasonic Authorised Partners in Australia.  We are also one of the few Getac Technology Partners in Australia.  In addition, we are also Zebra, UniStrong and Juniper Systems Partner in Australia.


With a dedication for clarity, integrity and customer service, Rugged Computing has been successful in assisting businesses to protect and maximise their ongoing investment in enterprise software, their staff and their fleet.  Customers that were being let down by their end-point devices now are very happy to see the transformation of their end-point devices from being the weakest link and the point of failure of many of their strategies into one of the strongest links in their business.  Our mission is to assist Australian businesses to be the best in the world by providing them with the best computing device solution in the world.


We are also passionate about doing our part to build and maintain a sustainable environment by making it possible for businesses to extend their use of computing devices from 2-3 years to 4-6 years or even more. Essentially doubling the time it took for computer devices to go to landfill.


We believe every organisation whether it’s large or small would benefit from using rugged computing devices in some capacity. We cater to all industry including but not limited to military, law enforcement, emergency services, government, transport, logistic, health, construction, geology, surveying, manufacturing, hospitality, service-based, retail, trades and mining.


We supply the best rugged computing devices the world has to offer which include Panasonic Toughbook, Getac, Dell, Motion, Xplore, Zebra and Honeywell range of notebooks, tablets, handheld devices. In addition, we also supply an extensive range of traditional IT products such as printers, servers, laptops, tablets, PCs, storage solution, network solution, consumables, accessories, spare parts and software for an integrated solution to all of your end-point devices.


We keep track of your orders and make sure they are delivered on time and safely anywhere in Australia.  We also can arrange dropship if it is required.


For larger projects, we select, negotiate and maintain communications with multiple vendors on your behalf making sure that you hit all of your deliverables on time every time.  We can also provide demo products to try the device you are considering before you buy.  For demo products or to find out how you can transform your end-point devices into a strong asset that will enable your business to implement and achieve its strategies as well as its short and long term goals, please contact us on 02 8840 9883 or info@ruggedcomputing.com.au.


If you appreciate quality, quick response to your inquiry, great service and peace of mind you have come to the right place. Looking forward to hearing from you.

32 163 484 213

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